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London mother of four goes on Britain’s ‘This Morning’ to complain about being “too hot” for men (Video)

Dawn believes she is “too attractive” to find love.

44-year-old Dawn Cousins claims that she’s been mistaken for her children’s sister and says their teenage friends are falling in love with her because she is so hot.

It seems that Dawn is cursed with incredible looks, and she is just simply too hot to find love. The hamster is strong in Dawn, as is her lack of self-awareness.

Via Sputnik News

A mom of four thinking she is “too attractive” and looks “half her age” appeared on a British TV program on Wednesday to speak about her struggle to find love because of her unbearable beauty. However, stunned viewers are sure there is another reason why she is single.

ITV daytime show “This Morning” often draws a lot of attention online due to their often bizarre guests. This time, Dawn Cousins from London impressed internet users with her attitude.

The woman with the “advantage of looking good” claimed to have trouble dating because of a bunch of reasons. “Number one, obviously, I’m a very attractive woman, number two, I look very young, number three, I’m very fun and I’m not your typical 44-year-old [mother] of four children,” Dawn said.

She complained that men of all ages, including her kids’ teenage friends, are falling for her and literally never leave her alone. “Terrible curse to be so beautiful,” presenter Phillip Schofield, who bit his lip throughout the interview, quipped sarcastically in the end.

Twitter users destroyed the delusional Dawn…

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