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Why being “marriage material” is the kiss of death for any man

Every red pill man knows that the journey to enlightenment and truth usually passes through beta male heartbreak. Some men are simply born red pill, while others kind of fall into it without even knowing their luck, but the majority of us usually decide to swallow the pill after one or more countless ‘nice guy,’ beta bucks, alpha fucks scenarios.

Many markers and red flags come along to signal that something in your life is amiss. Some flags are subtle, like an innocent goodnight kiss after gorging an absurd amount of cash on a female crush. Other times the flags are left hooks straight to the jaw, like watching that very same female crush make out with the neck tattooed, barman, she just meet two minutes ago.

Usually the subtle flags are a prelude to the left hooks. One flag that all beta males should recognise as a massive clue to reverse course, and swallow that red pill is when women call you ‘marriage material.’

What most men need to realise is that women essentially label men into one of two buckets…resource provider or tingle giver.

Resource providers are the guys that hear the “marriage material” line form women ad nauseum. They are the men who are lucky enough to finally get the girl after waiting years (sometimes decades) for her to come around and realize what a great catch he is.

Hearing those sweat words from girl friends (yes, friends that are girls, not the other way around) lips, ‘you’re so nice, I’m sure you’ll end up with a great girl in the end.’ is the ‘marriage material’ kiss of death.

When a women, any women (sister, mother, cousin, crush, neighbour, you name it) says some ‘marriage material’ crap like the above, that means you are beta male material, not worth the lay, but totally worth the resources and security you can provide at a later date decided at her discretion.

You’re ‘marriage material’ is the ultimate, subtle, red flag insult any women can give you. Take pride and be happy when you hear these words spoken to you, you now know that it is time to change.

You have a low social value and are not giving off the sexy vibe you should be emitting.  It’s time to refocus on you, a better, higher value version of you. Women will take notice when you begin focusing on what makes you happy, not what makes them happy.

Only then will you fall into the tingle giver bucket. This is where you want to be. When women call you an asshole, label you as cocky, or chide you on your over-the-top confidence, you know you are on the right path.

This is where the ‘marriage material’ line, becomes the ‘you’re are totally bad for me’ or ‘I would never take you home to mom and dad’ statement. You are giving her the tingles that overcome her every thought and desire for better judgement. You have broken through the most private and deep barrier of resistance, and entered her subconscious world contradictory emotions.

In a different time and past era, being ‘marriage material’ was a seen as a good thing, before the third phase of feminism kicked in and decided that blue pill men were better utilised as worker mules, rather than seen as providers of security and stability for the family unit.

This is no more the case. Regretfully being reliable, ‘marriage material’ in a women’s eyes means that you are a good provider, who will one day give her the resources she will need as she gets older…but for now the excitement of the bad boy alpha tingles are just to overwhelming to resist. 

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