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Matt Damon’s career now in jeopardy over comments about sexual assault (Video)

Social media takes aim at destroying Matt Damon.

What did Matt Damon do to have his career placed in jeopardy?

He said there is a difference between “patting someone on the butt, and rape or child molestation…both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated without question…but they should’t be conflated.”

Because a handful of Twitter users don’t like Damon’s comments, the rest of us have to pretend that Matt Damon is somehow guilty of something awful.

Everything Damon says makes sense…rape is much different than “patting someone on the butt.”

SJW opportunist Rose McGowan wants all men to be found guilty for everything bad that happens to women, as she is now ordering the media to stop using the word ‘alleged.’

The war on men will certainly backfire on the SJW feminists in due time.

McGowan told Rolling Stone

“I would challenge the media to stop using the word ‘alleged,'” she said. “My beef is really with all the people who are complicit. It’s the first time in history women are being believed, even though we get slagged.”

What do you think?

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