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Maybe American media, feminists, and social justice warriors are focusing their attention on the wrong Bill


Then again, rehashing the reality of what the Clintons are, would not sit well with the tingles and feelz that accompany what could be the first female US President…even though as Glenn Greenwald so eloquently put it in his post, “Cynics, Step Aside: There is Genuine Excitement Over a Hillary Clinton Candidacy“:

That she’s the beneficiary of dynastic succession – who may very well be pitted against the next heir in line from the regal Bush dynasty – makes it all the more tempting to regard #HillaryTime with an evenly distributed mix of boredom and contempt. The tens of millions of dollars the Clintons have jointly “earned” off their political celebrity – much of it speaking to the very globalists, industry groups, hedge funds, and other Wall Street appendages who would have among the largest stake in her presidency – make the spectacle that much more depressing.

Best not to critique Bill…least he gets in the way of #HillaryTime. God help us all.


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