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Merkel blows up any chance of visa free travel to EU for Ukraine and Georgia

Ukrainian and Georgian citizen’s dream of immigrating to London or Berlin so as to get employment cleaning toilets at a McDonalds, is falling apart.

Euromaidan was a lie. NATO exercises in Georgia was a lie. The de-facto ruler of the EU, Angela Merkel has now made it clear that no matter what you do to please western bankers, visa regime walls to the EU will stay firmly in place.

It’s time for Ukrainian and Georgian citizens to own up to the fact that there is not one country in the EU that wants you to reside in their country. All the EU wants is to suck up all your natural resources with a very big straw, while prostituting your women off during weekend sex tourism trips to Lviv.

Sputnik News Agency quotes Chancellor Merkel…

“The easing of the visa regime is possible only upon the completion of all necessary conditions for that. The European Commission has presented a report that Ukraine and Georgia have put much effort into this issue, but not enough effort so as the situation was improved as a whole,” Merkel said.


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