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Nude celebrity iCloud photos take three

How many nude photos of herself did Jennifer Lawrence take? Just when you thought every nude pic of every young hollywood celebrity was leaked to the public, we find out that even more photos have been released on Reddit and 4chan, making this the “third round” of nude photo leaks.

My god ladies, do you have no self control, because you sure as hell have no understanding how technology works or what uploading to the cloud means.

This new batch of tech idiot celebrities include model Cara Delevingne, actress Anna Kendrick and T-Mobile ad star and top model Carly Foulkes. Other celebrities exposed include three-time Olympic gold medalist Misty May-Treanor, a host of other soap opera and movie actresses – and topping that are, of course, 55 more images of Jennifer Lawrence.

Better yet, the Friday leak was accompanied by a circulating online video, showing off what’s yet to come. An anonymous narrator is heard saying that there are “plenty of links left,” as numerous rows of presumably yet-to-be-leaked files appear onscreen.

While the first nude picture batch came as a shock to many fans, it appears that the reaction to new leaks is getting milder. Some people sarcastically described it as ‘The Fappening 3,’ a word play on the 2009 thriller movie referring to a slang term for male masturbation.

Of course the women cannot be held accountable for their dumb actions, (taking nude photos of oneself and uploading them online is monumentally stupid) so who better to blame for everything than Apple’s iCloud storage.

The ongoing investigation taking place can’t logically touch iCloud, as the only real criticism one can place on the iCloud service is that that you can try getting to the password an infinite number of times by trying out endless combinations of security question answers…like any other username and password driven site on the web.

White knights and feminists will have none of that password hacking nonsense as “experts” and “critics” continue to try and place full blame on Apple’s online storage service, because, once again, none of these unicorn starlets could ever have been at fault for having their nude images all over the net. Feminism; all the benefits society can offer, with none of the accountability.

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