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Obama pushes to destroy Russia. Will sign US bill to impose more sanctions and arm Ukraine with lethal weapons

Now that the US war against Russia’s currency and economy is in full swing, Obama is about to go for the knock out blow by openly arming Ukraine with lethal US weapons.

Already being shipped in as we reported yesterday via Zaporozhye, Kharkov, and Dnepropetrovsk airports, the bill that Obama intends to sign will now simply make it official…America is intent on destroying Russia, and Ukraine was, is and remains their excuse to do so.

Via RT:

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that US President Barack Obama is expected to sign new legislation this week despite preliminary concerns about its content. However, he told the agency that is has provided a degree of flexibility required by the President.

The news comes amid concerns over the stability of the Russian ruble which nosedived on Tuesday following a decline in oil prices and rounds of previous sanctions imposed by both the US and EU.

Via Zerohedge:

As we reported over the weekend, in the tumult surrounding Citigroup’s annexation of Congress with the passage of the theatrically dramatic $303 trillion derivative quid-pro-$1.1 trillion spending quo, what most missed is that Congress also unanimously passed the The Ukraine Freedom Support Act of 2014, which not only expands Russian sanctions (read the details here) but far more importantly, provides “lethal assistance to Ukraine’s military.” And as we explained, passage of this law is just the pretext some Russian legislators needed to push for a full-blown, preemptive military incursion in east-Ukraine.

…moments ago we got confirmation that the epic collapse in the USDRUB is just a jovial preview of the main event. To wit:


And with that, US “lethal aid” will shortly begin arriving in Kiev, which in turn will be just the pretext needed by Sergey Lavrov and the Kremlin to escalate the recent events in Russia as a direct attack by the West, and to demand retaliation against a US president who “does not reason” as the Russian media will appeal to the population in an attempt to “rally round the flag”, and as a result Russian tanks may have no choice but to enter the separatist territories in East Ukraine.

What the western, and certainly NATO, response at that point will be, is far beyond our meager prediction skills.


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