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One change you can make to improve your email marketing…

When designing email newsletters and online content for mass distribution it is important to remember that empty spaces are your friend. Add more white space with your online marketing content and see user clicks and engagement rise. Clutter free design works.




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Add more empty space

I deal with thousands of customers, and I’ve heard and seen limitations and branding guidelines that would make your eyes drop into your stomach because the view of digesting food would be more appealing.

I have seen newsletters with content that is ridiculously long, terribly written, grammatically poor, overly dull, with alternating line-colors, word-colors, and yes, even alternating letter colors. In short: in terms of email newsletters, I think I’ve seen it all. I receive (and view) about 150 newsletters a day and help thousands of clients with their newsletters.

For all the good, the bad, and the ugly, there is one thing they all can do to be better – they all need more empty space. The human brain likes to absorb a certain amount of content within a certain amount of space. The uptake by the human brain on content with ample empty-space increases by 20% (there are numerous brilliant articles on this at Human Factors International’s website

Empty Space Around Text

There are contextual elements that we, as composers, can manipulate on every piece of text to make it more digestible by our readers.

Below is a paragraph of text. It may look familiar to you.


I see this quite often in newsletters. I wish most people would only use a few sentences, but this goes on-and-on-and-on. Take this example, apply some empty-space theory to it, and you get the next image.


I made two simple changes to enhance the consume-ability of this content :

  • Added line break between title and body
  • Changed the line-height property on the body text to 1.35em – this is my favorite setting in all of typesetting

There are additional considerations to take into account and two types of spacing – active and passive**. You can actively space out the lines and text or passively create space by adjusting font saves and word spacing. It gets quite technical but I find the simplest solution (the two changes I made) gives you the biggest bang and the other gains are fairly nominal at that point.

Empty Space In Layout

Now that you have figured out a nice way to layout your text, the next step is ironing out an overall layout with ample enough empty space. For this, I am going to use some examples from the newsletters I receive.

Below is Fandango’s newsletter; I get it weekly. I love movies and it (the newsletter) does a good job of keeping me up to date with, well, movies. Sadly, they don’t really understand the concept of empty space. This newsletter looks complicated and busy. They do a decent job of passive space in their text but not such a great job on layout. My eyeballs bounce around like a pinball in their newsletter.



In contrast, the next newsletter is from zulily – they do a darn good job, but could still improve in some layout. The only issue I have with zulily is with a little inconsistency in the description text they have under each image (see below) – if the “Rest Assured” was aligned vertically with “Mind games,” then balance and harmony would be achieved.


TravelZoo nails it! Although, I would likely recommend cutting the images by 50% and aligning their bullets to the side of each image but the empty space is perfect.


Lastly, Toys R Us produces one of my favorite newsletters, not because I have kids or am a kid at heart, but because they do a fantastic job all around with layout, empty space, enough information, solid call-to-action, and personalization. The one thing I would change is the size of the banner ad near the top though – it is a bit massive, and would likely achieve the same click-through if it were half the size.


From the first image to this last one, the empty space has increased in quantity. The eye just has a much easier time reading and the brain translating. I am infatuated with empty space – it makes digesting newsletters so much more comfortable.

Have at it folks; if you have questions about your use and newsletter, please don’t hesitate to ask me to review it.

I am fortunate to have lots of this theory ingrained in my cranium, but to get it just right (yourself), read and digest:

** Mark Boulton’s “Whitespace” article (


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This Man’s Incredible Story Proves Why Due Process Matters In The Kavanaugh Case

Accused of rape by a fellow student, Brian Banks accepted a plea deal and went to prison on his 18th birthday. Years later he was exonerated.

The Duran



Authored by James Miller of The Political Insider:

Somewhere between the creation of the Magna Carta and now, leftists have forgotten why due process matters; and in some cases, such as that of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, they choose to outright ignore the judicial and civil rights put in place by the U.S. Constitution.

In this age of social media justice mobs, the accused are often convicted in the court of (liberal) public opinion long before any substantial evidence emerges to warrant an investigation or trial. This is certainly true for Kavanaugh. His accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, cannot recall the date of the alleged assault and has no supporting witnesses, yet law professors are ready to ruin his entire life and career. Not because they genuinely believe he’s guilty, but because he’s a pro-life Trump nominee for the Supreme Court.

It goes without saying: to “sink Kavanaugh even if” Ford’s allegation is untrue is unethical, unconstitutional, and undemocratic. He has a right to due process, and before liberals sharpen their pitchforks any further they would do well to remember what happened to Brian Banks.

In the summer of 2002, Banks was a highly recruited 16-year-old linebacker at Polytechnic High School in California with plans to play football on a full scholarship to the University of Southern California. However, those plans were destroyed when Banks’s classmate, Wanetta Gibson, claimed that Banks had dragged her into a stairway at their high school and raped her.

Gibson’s claim was false, but it was Banks’s word against hers. Banks had two options: go to trial and risk spending 41 years-to-life in prison, or take a plea deal that included five years in prison, five years probation, and registering as a sex offender. Banks accepted the plea deal under the counsel of his lawyer, who told him that he stood no chance at trial because the all-white jury would “automatically assume” he was guilty because he was a “big, black teenager.”

Gibson and her mother subsequently sued the Long Beach Unified School District and won a $1.5 million settlement. It wasn’t until nearly a decade later, long after Banks’s promising football career had already been tanked, that Gibson admitted she’d fabricated the entire story.

Following Gibson’s confession, Banks was exonerated with the help of the California Innocence Project. Hopeful to get his life back on track, he played for Las Vegas Locomotives of the now-defunct United Football League in 2012 and signed with the Atlanta Falcons in 2013. But while Banks finally received justice, he will never get back the years or the prospective pro football career that Gibson selfishly stole from him.

Banks’ story is timely, and it serves as a powerful warning to anyone too eager to condemn those accused of sexual assault. In fact, a film about Banks’s ordeal, Brian Banks, is set to premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival next week.

Perhaps all the #MeToo Hollywood elites and their liberal friends should attend the screening – and keep Kavanaugh in their minds as they watch.

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“Transphobic” Swedish Professor May Lose Job After Noting Biological Differences Between Sexes

A university professor in Sweden is under investigation after he said that there are fundamental differences between men and women which are “biologically founded”



Via Zerohedge

A university professor in Sweden is under investigation for “anti-feminism” and “transphobia” after he said that there are fundamental differences between men and women which are “biologically founded” and that genders cannot be regarded as “social constructs alone,” reports Academic Rights Watch.

For his transgression, Germund Hesslow – a professor of neuroscience at Lund University – who holds dual PhDs in philosophy and neurophysiology, may lose his job – telling RT that a “full investigation” has been ordered, and that there “have been discussions about trying to stop the lecture or get rid of me, or have someone else give the lecture or not give the lecture at all.”

“If you answer such a question you are under severe time pressure, you have to be extremely brief — and I used wording which I think was completely innocuous, and that apparently the student didn’t,” Hesslow said.

Hesslow was ordered to attend a meeting by Christer Larsson, chairman of the program board for medical education, after a female student complained that Hesslow had a “personal anti-feminist agenda.” He was asked to distance himself from two specific comments; that gay women have a “male sexual orientation” and that the sexual orientation of transsexuals is “a matter of definition.”

The student’s complaint reads in part (translated):

I have also heard from senior lecturers that Germund Hesslow at the last lecture expressed himself transfobically. In response to a question of transexuallism, he said something like “sex change is a fly”. Secondly, it is outrageous because there may be students during the lecture who are themselves exposed to transfobin, but also because it may affect how later students in their professional lives meet transgender people. Transpersonals already have a high level of overrepresentation in suicide statistics and there are already major shortcomings in the treatment of transgender in care, should not it be countered? How does this kind of statement coincide with the university’s equal treatment plan? What has this statement given for consequences? What has been done for this to not be repeated? –Academic Rights Watch

After being admonished, Hesslow refused to distance himself from his comments, saying that he had “done enough” already and didn’t have to explain and defend his choice of words.

At some point, one must ask for a sense of proportion among those involved. If it were to become acceptable for students to record lectures in order to find compromising formulations and then involve faculty staff with meetings and long letters, we should let go of the medical education altogether,” Hesslow said in a written reply to Larsson.

He also rejected the accusation that he had a political agenda – stating that his only agenda was to let scientific factnot new social conventions, dictate how he teaches his courses.

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Kavanaugh Accuser’s Classmate Backs Off Claims She Heard About Alleged Assault

“That it happened or not, I have no idea,” Cristina King Miranda told NPR’s Nina Totenberg. “I can’t say that it did or didn’t.”

The Duran



Authored by Amber Athey via The Daily Caller:

A classmate of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is backing off of claims that she knew anything about an alleged sexual assault committed by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Cristina King Miranda, who attended high school with Ford, wrote on Facebook this week that she heard school rumors about an incident involving Kavanaugh and Ford back in the 1980s. Miranda later deleted the post and said she did not want to talk to the media about her claims.

However, Miranda spoke to NPR on Thursday and clarified that she has no information about an alleged assault.

“That it happened or not, I have no idea,” Cristina King Miranda told NPR’s Nina Totenberg. “I can’t say that it did or didn’t.”

Miranda’s new statement directly contradicts her Facebook post, in which she wrote, “The incident DID happen, many of us heard about it in school.”

“In my post, I was empowered and I was sure it probably did [happen],” Miranda told NPR this morning. “I had no idea that I would now have to go to the specifics and defend it before 50 cable channels and have my face spread all over MSNBC news and Twitter.”

Miranda said the Senate Judiciary Committee reached out to her after her post but that she would not testify if asked.

Dr. Ford previously said she had not told anyone about the incident until a therapist meeting in 2012. Ford also said the incident happened during the summer, contradicting Miranda’s assertion that she heard rumors about it in school.

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