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Oprah absolved hollywood of its sins: “The perpetrators masquerading as victims” (Video)

MILO explains ‘Oprah 2020’

Thankfully Hollywood celebrities have a plan to save America, and they revealed it at the Golden Globes this year.

Media analyst mark Dice breaks down a Golden Globes award ceremony, where the very hollywood elite that covered up Weinstein’s sexual attacks for 30 years, patted themselves on the back for their “bravery” and “black dresses”…virtue signaling to the extreme.

Meanwhile Milo explains how Oprah’s speech acted like a religious cleansing, as the closest thing neo-liberals have to God, Oprah Winfrey, forgave all of hollywood for its sins…now the industry is absolved of its sins, and can get back to business (and casting couches) like nothing ever happened.

Milo noted that…

“She [Oprah] absolved them [Hollywood] of their sins. She spoke to a room full of men and women clad in black, who are the perpetrators masquerading as victims.

And they brought in the closest thing they have to God, which is Oprah…and she blessed them and absolved them.”

Milo’s explanation of what the Oprah speech meant to liberals and hollywood, at the 9:00 minute mark:

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