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OSCE Observers report zero movement of military equipment over the Russian-Ukrainian border. Poroshenko counts 9,000 Russian troops

Ukraine President Poroshenko in his Davos speech:

“Russia has 9,000 troops in Ukraine.”

For which he provided no evidence of, but somehow has the number of Russian forces counted.

Not 1,500, not 15,600, not even 9,999…no, Porky counts 9,000 Russian troops now in Ukraine.

How did the Chocolate King arrive at this number? Simple, he made it up…as is most of the news coming out of the Kiev media apparatus.

Sputnik News Agency reports that the OSCE could not find any of the 9,000 men Poroshenko has spotted.

Observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) based at two border crossing points at the Russian-Ukrainian border have reported there has been no movement of military equipment over the border, the OSCE Observer Mission at Russian Checkpoints Gukovo and Donetsk said Thursday in a press release.

“At the two BCPs the OM did not observe military movement, apart from vehicles of the Russian Federation border guard service,” the press release said.

The OSCE said that during the last week, both checkpoints were calm and “regular local and long-distance bus connections continued to operate between the Luhansk region and cities in the Russian Federation.” Over the reporting period monitors observed 493 women and men dressed in military-style crossing the border from both sides.

On Monday, Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council claimed that two Russian tactical battalion groups had crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border. Russian Defense Ministry called Kiev’s announcement “absolute rubbish.” Ukraine’s attempt to accuse Russia of invasion on the eve of the Davos Economic Forum is a “a pig in a poke”, according to Russian Davos financial sponsors.


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