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Party City’s “The Wall” Halloween costume is driving liberals crazy

Liberal loonies are furious over Party City’s “Wall” Halloween costume.

Is it Trump’s “Wall” or Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”

We may never know, but the Party City costume sure triggered a lot of liberal loonies.

The NY Post reports

Halloween is on the horizon, which means that the early contenders for offensive costumes are hitting the stores.

Party City has become the latest retailer to come under fire after releasing its “Adult Wall Costume.”

The company does not outright mention President Donald Trump’s immigration policy in the costume description, but the getup has led many social media users to comment that it’s a reference to his border wall proposal.

The costume, which features bricks with the words “the wall” on the front, is advertised online as a “unique Halloween look.”

Many twitter users suggested that the costume was referencing Pink Floyd’s iconic album “The Wall”.

“This is not a racist costume”

“It’s just a reference to Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ album cover.”

Many triggered Twitter users did not buy the Pink Floyd reference and played the politically correct card, virtue signaling their disgust with the costume

“Really @PartyCity? A “Build The Wall” costume?”

“This isn’t about being politically correct, it’s about being decent [sic] human beings!!!!!”

Another furious tweet…

“If I see anyone wearing a “The Wall” costume, fair warning, you’re getting punched. Like hard.”

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