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Planned Parenthood claims that “some men have a uterus”

If they say it then it must be true…

Pandering and virtue signaling to the transgender community, Planned Parenthood in Indiana and Kentucky are now claiming that “some men have a uterus.”

Since the beginning of time, biology has dictated that men do not have a uterus, but maybe if Planned Parenthood says this enough times it will magically become true.

The Gateway Pundit reports…

Planned Parenthood was mocked after proudly boasting “some men have a uterus.”

On Thursday, Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky tweeted out: “Some men have a uterus”.

Of course this is completely untrue, but when do liberals ever states facts?

And they accuse conservatives of being ‘anti-science’.

Conservatives responded, starting with hollywood actor James Woods…

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