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Proxy war in full swing. U.S. weapons begin arriving in Ukraine

This will end badly, for Ukrainians soldiers above everyone else.

As Russian geo-political and military expert, The Saker, rightly says: “the US is ready to fight the Russians down to the last Ukrainian soldier.”

Via Fort Russ, translated from Colonial Cassad’s excellent and accurately reported live journal:

Ukrainian airports are shut down in order to accept military-transport planes of USA and NATO.

One of my readers who has connections in Zaporozhye already confirmed it.

His friend’s work is connected with Zaporozhye airport. Here is his quote:

“Now at the airport they are performing an urgent order for the installation of defensive towers along the perimeter of the airport. He said that the work needs to be completed ASAP, since the order is urgent. Started in late November. Now almost complete. Yesterday reported that flights from Zaporozhye (Motor Sich) will stop on the 13th. And this is despite the wishes of Motor Sich to fly to Moscow daily from December 16, instead of three times a week.

To the question, why stop, one of the airport workers replied that the airport has to be prepared to accept military aircraft with equipment, including Kharkov and Dnepropetrovsk. The equipment is expected from the United States.”

In Dnepropetrovsk – a similar situation, from Kharkov there was no confirmation. In general, apparently the US does not want to wait until the Act on military assistance to Ukraine adopted by the senate will pass through congress and are boosting rearmament of junta troops. New unofficial military advisers/assistants should be expected to show up as well.

The Russian Foreign Ministry called this Act confrontational and threatened a radical response. Let’s see where this muscle flexing will lead.

Colonial Cassad later confirmed the above entry. Translated and reported by Fort Russ:

“Right now at Zaporozhye airport they are unloading two transport planes from USA. Cargo is in boxes. According to additional information two more planes are expected to arrive.”

The Cold War is about to become a Hot Proxy War. That is the preferable fighting style of America…“lead from behind,” right Mr. Obama.

We at Red Pill Times ask Ukrainian men, why are you so willing to be led to the slaughter by John McCain, Victoria Nuland, and Hunter Biden?

Regardless your feelings for Russia, you must surely know that these neo-cons will frack the hell out of your land, sell off all your state assets, drop wages and pensions to unliveable conditions, and prostitute (literally) your daughters. Why do it?


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