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Putin invites Greek PM Alexis Tsipras to Moscow for Victory Day. Tsipras says fighting Nazism of great importance

Vladimir Putin and Alexis Tsipras had a lengthy telephone conversation today. The conversation is said to have covered many topics and a wide range of issues including the civil war in Ukraine, South Stream and the new Turk Stream pipeline.

On the table, and as we first reported here a few days ago, is an economic aid package from Moscow to Greece, should Athens ask for assistance.

The amount is said to hover between $10 to $15 billion USD…and of course, the brutal “austerity” strings that the EU hangs over Greece’s head are not an issue in Russia’s package.

During the conversation, Moscow expressed its appreciation to Greece for its firm standing during last weeks sanctions debate in Brussels.

The Russian ministers of foreign affairs and defence have already invited their Greek counterparts to visit Moscow.

The ANA reports…

Putin invited Tsipras to visit Moscow on May 9 when celebrations will take place, commemorating the peoples’ victory over fascism. On his part, the Greek prime minister underlined the importance he attributes to the fight against Nazism, expressing his intention to accept the invitation.

The Russian leader’s top foreign policy adviser Yuri Ushakov said that Putin congratulated Tsipras on his victory in last month’s general elections and on the assumption of his duties as the new prime minister of Greece.

The discussion was very warm and constructive, he said, noting that President Putin invited Tsipras to Russia. He also said that the will for a more active development of bilateral relations was reaffirmed.


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