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Putin lays down some red pill truth. Says the Ukrainian armed forces are, in essence, a ‘NATO legion’

I can picture western main stream media having a stroke right about now.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin called Ukraine out for what it really is…a US/NATO lapdog.

NTY, Business Insider, CNN, BBC…you guys can cry and whine all you want, you know Putin is right. We have American, uniformed soldiers running around Mariupol to prove it…not to mention Nuland cookies, McCain nazi Right Sector dinner parties, MH17 false flags, and the blood of 5,000 dead Novorussians on NATO’s hands.

Perhaps Putin got a glimpse of this cartoon:


Either way, Putin is a bad ass, red pill leader…heads and shoulders above the tools in Europe, and the teleprompter President in Washington.

It’s a simple formula really…the man just speaks the truth, for the good of his country. And the truth is like Kryptonite to western politicians, and the entire neo-lieral establishment.

The ‘exceptonal’ West needs zombies, not thinking, logical citizens. How else will Wall Street bankers fuel their cocaine, hooker driven NY party nights without a huddled mass of zombies?

Putin’s truth is thus the greatest enemy to the Empire’s ‘dumbification’ of the world.

Nation state sovereignty, traditional values, respect for international law, a multipolar world order…them fighting words for Obama, Merkel, Cameron and Co.

Sputnik News Agency reports:

“It, in essence, is not an army anymore but a foreign legion, a NATO-controlled foreign legion, which is not serving to protect Ukraine’s national interests,” Putin said at a meeting with university students in St. Petersburg.

“They are pursuing other goals linked with attaining geopolitical goals of deterring Russia contrary to the interests of the Ukrainian people,” Putin said.

Commenting on the Ukraine crisis, US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Monday that Washington had “more tools” to increase pressure on Moscow.

“I think we have seen that the sanctions work to create real stress in the economy. We have more tools. I am not today going to enumerate what the tools are but we have more tools,” he said during a press conference in Brussels.

Kiev is refusing to search for peaceful solution in eastern Ukraine standoff and have used a brief ceasefire to regroup its forces, the Russian president said.

“Unfortunately, the Kiev authorities refuse to chose a peaceful path [in the Ukrainian conflict] through the use of political means,” Putin said.

“They used a brief ceasefire only to regroup their forces, and started military operation again,” the president said.


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