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‘Putin’s misogynistic Russia’ has the highest number of female executives in the world according to a Grant Thornton study [Infograph]

Suck on that The Sunday Times and Amanda Foreman!


Elite Daily reports…

Russia takes home the gold for the highest proportion of women in these high-level job titles, with 43 percent. Japan lags in last with an embarrassing nine percent.

The United States ranked towards the bottom of the list with just 22 percent of women in senior management, which also falls below the dismal global average of 24 percent.

While the results might seem a little out of wack (Russia is certainly not known for its progressive mindset these days, to say the least), economists are coming forward to say that the findings actually might make sense.

Apparently emerging markets – which include the BRICS of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – are taking advantage of thevarious growing opportunities their developing economic systems offer.

Seems like the industrialized world could learn a thing or two about ways to support women in the workforce. With 865 million women poised to enter the working world by 2020, competitive countries will have to rely on the strength of their female CEOs (and those in other top roles) to keep up.


According to the western main stream media meme, Russia is a nation of women haters, but it also happens to top the list of female executive positions worldwide. what does that make the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and Japan?

Ladies…actions do speak louder than words.


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