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Quick question US State Department…why do your satellite photos looks so clear in Syria but in Ukraine all we get are fuzzy black and white dots?

But seriously…why are the images so crystal clear in Syria, to show Russian military movement, and in Ukraine they are pathetically blurred and impossible to make out anything?

Maybe the weather in the Med. country of Syria lends to a sharper sat. pic?

Perhaps US satellite imagery is not calibrated to the longitude and latitude that make up Ukraine’s position?

Maybe everything on the ground in Ukraine is actually fuzzy…so its not really the satellite pics, but just a fact that Ukraine has a fuzzy aura or protective shield around it…which results in fuzzy trees, fuzzy dirt, fuzzy grass, fuzzy people and thus fuzzy Russia tanks and soldiers.


One of the best images of “Russian equipment” in Ukraine…


And now in Syria…


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Western media angry that Russian airstrikes hit “moderate” Syrian rebels (aka Al Qaeda). Has the US media thus forgiven Al Qaeda for the 9-11 NYC attack?

Evil George Soros is at it again. His NGO White Helmets is using photos from US civilian airstrikes and pimping them off as Russian attacks