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Ralph Nader calls Hillary Clinton ‘a menace to the United States’

Ralph Nader is not one to hold back.

When asked by a writer with We Are Change what he thought of the Hillary Clinton Presidential aspirations, Nader’s reply was direct, and totally spot on.

Via Washington Times:

“Well, Hillary is a corporatist and a militarist,” Mr. Nader said, Raw Story reported. “Do we want another corporatist and militarist? She thinks Obama is too weak. He doesn’t kill enough people overseas. So she’s a menace to the United States of America.”

But he wasn’t done.

“What we need is people — regardless of whether they are libertarians or not — that pull back on the empire and make Wall Street subordinate to Main Street,” Mr. Nader said, Raw Story reported. “People have got to start thinking, doing their homework, become informed voters and not coronet another corporatist and militarist.’




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