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Red Pill 2.0?


ROK blogger  gives us a Red Pill reboot…a 2.0 version for all to swallow. It’s an insightful and honest examination of the true leverage a red pill man has in today’s modern world.

While many feminists claim it’s their “girl power” that fuelled the change, and men blame the spectre of feminism for fucking up the order of nature, raywolf presents the root cause in relationship dynamics to be technology above all else.

What has set the world (and women) free and changed the playing field is not feminism or new age sensitive men, but technology. Farmers didn’t free slaves from the goodness of their hearts—they freed them because automation was becoming cheaper. All around the world slaves were being liberated as mechanized farming took over.

It’s nice to believe that manliness and grit can lead any women into your arms and keep her faithful within a safe family structure, but perhaps the truth of the matter is that this is all just wishful thinking.

Red pill tells us that women like to be led, that they appreciate a strong alpha male and that if you just improve yourself, everything will go your way. Just swim harder dear fellow and soon you will be able to climb out of the icy waters of sensitive men and hardened feminism. This is bullshit.

Were women obedient, loving and kind to men because alpha men led them well?


Because THEY HAD NO OTHER CHOICE and their very survival depended on it.

I know which one I’m putting my money on.

The world has changed. One of man’s historically, greatest assets brought to the LTR table; safety, protection and security, is now outsourced to technology.

Females used to rely on men for their very survival, but today they don’t and this has never been the case in hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution. Today a woman can walk down the street, at night, on her own with little fear. Many streets have CCTV. She has a cell phone in her pocket to talk to anyone if she’s in trouble. She most likely has a car or can hail a passing cab that is safe and reliable, fully registered and traceable. They don’t truly need us, and because of that, relationships no longer work.

Is it time to take a second red pill and wake up to the ever present reality that LTR’s based on love, respect and partnership are gone forever?

Instead we must accept the old fashioned male–female dynamic is long gone.

What do you think?

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