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Reflections on MH17: “The least visited crash site in the world” [Must See Video]

Andrey Purgin of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic…

“This is the least visited crash site in the world! No one’s been too keen to come and examine the site.”

An Australian editor, and aviation expert…

“If you look at the reports, or the comments made by the US from the beginning, you will see that they haven’t actually lied. They just chose their words very wisely,” Haisenko said, quoting Hillary Clinton’s interview in which she said that the airplane was definitely shot down by Russian-made weapons.

“It’s true! Because Ukraine only has Russian weapons!” the expert told RTD, adding it was “unbelievably clever propaganda, in which one says the truth, but doesn’t put it into context.”

A German specialist and missile expert, Bernd Biedermann…

“Going on the documents, the pictures, and the reports that we have, there is not one single piece of evidence proving it was an anti-aircraft missile. It just doesn’t exist,” he said, shocked by the lack of professional expertise in the investigation process.

“It’s beyond me, how in the first days after the crash over 50 specialists had arrived at the scene, including ones from the OSCE, and no one managed to secure evidence which could then be analyzed in laboratory conditions,” Biedermann told RTD.


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