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Remember when Hillary Clinton and ISIS were BFFs… [blankchat]

Their was a time when ISIS and Hillary were all on the same side.

She was giving them oodles of cash in Libya and they were in turn buying weapons to funnel across borders to Iraq and finally Syria, where Assad was public enemy number one.

Back then ISIS was called The Free Syrian Army (or something like that) and Hillary was The U.S. Secretary of State.

The goal was, and still is, to open up the energy corridors from Qatar and Saudi Arabia up towards Europe.

The objective remains the same, but my how so many other things have changed.

ISIS has gone full retard on just about everyone and Hillary is preparing for her next role as POTUS.

Assad and Putin still stand in the way of complete Qatari/Saudi energy dominance of the European continent.

What do you think?

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Hollande flip flops on Mistral warship delivery to Russia. May deliver ships after all. If not maybe ISIS can buy them?

Playing the victim card. Billionaire’s wife says she was coerced into signing a prenup