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Right before Apple’s big day, Ex Google CEO tweets a cartoon explaining “How Google Works.”

Ex Google CEO Eric Schmidt is about to publish a book later this month called “How Google Works.”

The book will document how Google grew into a tech giant and Schmidt has been teasing the new book by releasing cartoons on Twitter and Google+ (yeah it’s still around).

So, a day before Apple announces its new iPhone, iWatch (maybe) and other devices, Schmidt gave a shout out to the other mobile OS we know as Android.

Schmidt cleverly wrote:

When +Google takes on a new venture, we aim for success by making great products and working hard to expand people’s access to them.

Take +Android for example. When we launched the first Android release in 2008, only a few million people had access to smartphones (essentially iPhone owners). Fast forward six years and more than 1 billion people now have the power of a supercomputer in their pockets, thanks to Android. A glance around most major cities will tell you that the iPhone and iPad aren’t doing too badly either. In my book, that’s a win for everyone.

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