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Russian troops are everywhere. Maybe the kid from The Sixth Sense, or Ghostbusters, can help us document their presence

They are like ghosts! Everyone in the West sees Russian troops.

Obama sees them. Merkel sees them. The New York Times and BBC sees them. CNN has seen them as well.

Sometimes at night, in my flat, all alone, when the lights are out, I feel like they are present. I have not spotted one, but I can sense that they are around me.

Yats and Poroshenko see 9,000 of them…but no photo, video, Instagram, Vine, nothing. Maybe we should call these guys to help catch one…


Maybe Bruce Willis and the kid from The Sixth Sense can help?

What if, when this Ukraine script comes to an end, we find out, much to our surprise, that Bruce Willis is himself, a Russian soldier!

The Sixth Sense

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