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‘Send Ukrainian slavs to die’ is Washington’s order to Poroshenko. Ukraine’s “shock and awe” attack falls flat. Novorussia beats back attack, goes on counteroffensive

Here is the Ukraine putsch government logic for you:

Poroshenko forwarded Putin’s proposal to his US bosses in Kiev, who in turn ordered Porky to reject said proposal, and instead deliver a massive strike on Novorussia…which ended in another humiliating defeat for Porky’s army.

Now Ukraine’s putsch government is ready to talk.

The US is calling the shots here, and my hunch is that they simply are fine sending thousands of Ukrainian men to their deaths, because at this juncture in the game, Ukraine has become a meaningless weight on the west’s shoulders.

It’s broke, corrupt, unmanageable, and now that no more gas will transit through it, absolutely useless to big US business.

‘Send the Ukrainian slavs to die’… this is the new mantra and strategic policy of US rulers shacked up in a downtown Ministry building in Kiev.


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