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She trashed Trump on CNN, now Lindsey Vonn fails to medal in Olympics

Skier Lindsey Vonn fails to medal in her first Olympic event in eight years.

The Trump curse strikes another virtue signaling, SJW athlete.

RTP reported in December that US Olympic Skier, Lindsey Vonn would not accept an invitation to the White House if she were to win gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

“Well I hope to represent the people of the United States, not the president,” Vonn told CNN, adding that if invited to the White House she would “absolutely not” accept such an invitation.

“I want to represent our country well. I don’t think that there are a lot of people currently in our government that do that.”

Vonn may not need to worry about being invited to the White House as she failed to medal in the Super-G.

Via The Gateway Pundit…

Sports Illustrated reported, “In her first Olympic event in eight years, Lindsey Vonn fails to medal in the Super-G”

The Trump curse hits Lindsey Vonn…

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