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Sneaky Soros, quietly returns to Kiev to discuss ‘progress.’ Progress on what, we wonder?

We’ve said it once, we will say it again. Whenever George Soros, John McCain, or Victoria Nuland visit a country expect bad things to happen. War, death, locusts, drought, and overall general misery…something cataclysmic always follows a visit from one of these individuals.

Given George Soros has quietly stepped foot in Ukraine, again…is cause for great concern. Something bad is about to go down.

Officially:  Soros met top government officials to talk about fighting corruption as Ukraine faces an acute economic crisis, and could be on the verge of a debt default.

Unofficially: Soros met top government officials (In-country CIA) to talk about escalating the terrorist operation against East Ukraine, accelerating his control of Ukraine’s entire agriculture and energy industries, and how to find more creative ways to provoke and weaken Russia.

RT reports…

Soros held a meeting with Ukraine Parliament members Monday to talk about the effectiveness of the fight against corruption and other issues.

The financier and philanthropist is reportedly staying at a five-star hotel in the capital, but many details of the visit have been kept confidential.

At the meeting with Soros the parliament members discussed the idea of creating a foreign direct investment fund in Ukraine to prop up the country’s ailing economy. The group also discussed who will be the chair of the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

“Next week will be busy with the visits of foreign guests, including Mr. Soros, who always has original thoughts on the role and mission of Ukraine,” the chair of Ukraine’s parliamentary committee on foreign affairs Anna Gopko wrote on her Facebook page ahead of Soros’ arrival on Monday. PACE President Anne Brasseur will also be present at the talks.

Soros is intimately tied to several NGOs in Ukraine that actively took part in the EuroMaidan movement, and most likely paid protesters to violently topple the Yanukovich government last February.

Soros also has direct control of Ukraine’s Finance, Economy and Agriculture ministries, as his company was in charge of the entire hiring process that ushered in the three non-Ukrainian government officials, and pays the salaries of these officials.

Soros is the 30th richest person in the world, according to Forbes’ ranking, and has a personal fortune of $19 billion as of March 2013.



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