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Spider-Woman comic book cover pisses off feminists…of course.

Nothing is good enough for feminists. They wanted a strong female comic book hero, now that they have one. And yes feminists are upset about this…go figure.

Marvel is launching a new comic book series and its all about a strong female character. That female character is Spider-Woman, a.k.a. Jessica Drew, a resurrected comic book heroine from the late ’70s, revamped for a 2014 showcase.

Spider-Woman will team up Jessica with Silk, another female superhero, securing that this time around Spider-Women will get major attention.

So why are feminists are pissed off…well its those damn unrealistic comic book cover illustrations.

Here is a look at the variant cover of Spider-Woman #1 by Milo Manara:

Spider Woman

Yes, that’s her ass in the air, and of course she is fit, and posing like a spider (hence the name Spider-Women).

Feminists are outraged at the portrayal of a female super hero possessing in such a manner with a super fit body and painted on costume.

Time Magazine was quick to white knight:

“The (physically impossible?) pose – bottom up – is familiar to anyone who has read erotic comic books,” wrote Time magazine. “I get it: superheroes wear spandex and a lot of excitable teenage boys read these comic books. But this cover takes the sex-factor to a new extreme … A male hero would never be placed in the same physical position.”

Of course this is a comic book super hero (not a real person), and last time I checked all super hero’s were buffed, super human, super muscular, crazy sexy, powerful characters. I guess the fantasy and escape that such beings provide readers is what makes comic books so appealing.

Last time I checked Batman and Superman were super model chiselled in the face, and beyond buffed in the body. And He-Man, well he was beyond Arnold built. But guys are not complaining and crying fowl at the unrealistic portrayal of the male physique inherit such characters.

So here is the alternative regular cover of Spider-Women:


And for comparisons sake, here is a random cover of a Spider-Man comic. It clearly shows the male body objectified, as a muscular Spider-Man crouches in a squat like positions, biceps bulging and quads popping out. It is a sick and unrealistic representation of men and creates irreparable psychological damage to young boys reading such filth. Sarcasm.



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