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Starving for some attention, Ukraine’s “Porky” Poroshenko will hold a NATO referendum

Ukraine wants into NATO, it wants into the EU, and it wants money from the IMF and every other nation involved in its Maidan coup. The only problem is that the EU does want it as a member, Ukraine in NATO is a no go for obvious reasons, and the IMF is stuck having to support the corrupt Ukraine oligarchs in order to please its US masters.

The petition was registered on the presidential website on August 29.

Ukraine dropped its non-aligned status last year, opening the way for NATO membership and drawing criticism from Russia and many other states.

In September, Poroshenko signed a new military doctrine in which one of the main objectives for the development of the country’s armed forces is to bring them in line with NATO standards.

Earlier, Poroshenko vowed to launch a bid for NATO membership if the move was backed by a majority vote, and as soon as the country had implemented all the required reforms.


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