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Stunning! Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry snubs V-Day in Moscow, says Russia ‘encourages Nazism’ and is a ‘center for global Neo-Nazis’

After reading the statement by Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry, I was taken aback.

Ukraine, the global center of neo-nazism…a country so enamoured with the nazi ideology, that their national hero is Hitler collaborator Stepan Bandera, actually had the audacity to call Russia a center of nazi activity.

More precisely, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Evgeni Perebiynis said in a statement on Tuesday that Russia is a…

“country that, despite its anti-Nazi rhetoric, encourages the Nazi movement at home and is a center of pilgrimage for Neo-Nazis from all over the world. We [Ukraine] believe that the celebration of Victory Day in such a country can hardly be called anything other than blasphemy.”

In Ukraine La La Land…Russia, the country that sacrificed 25 million citizens in order to defeat Hitler is now the center of Nazi activity.

Perebiynis also sent out a warning to world leaders that do attend the 70th anniversary of victory in WW2 in Moscow, that Kiev will re-examine bilateral relationships and may blacklist those countries in attendance.

I am sure countries around the world are scared of losing out on trading with the economic super power that is Ukraine.

Seriously, no leader in their right mind would chose relations with Ukraine over Russia…not even the United States.

America is just using, and pillaging Ukraine in the hope of busting apart Russia, so that the neo-cons can get their hands on the the vast resource wealth that Russia has to offer.

Now Perebiynis may just be reading a prepared media statement from Ukraine’s US occupiers who are now, ironically, trying to paint Russia as a ‘nazi friendly’ nation, in what may very well be their latest failed demonisation attempt.

After all nothing else is sticking. The West not only lost the war on the ground, but they are losing the propaganda war as well. Maybe Nuland and Co. are reaching for the ultimate Hail Mary pass…‘Russians are the true Nazis.’ Good luck America pulling that media/PR stunt off.

Last time I checked, this was the Ukraine that the US and EU so lovingly support…





Via Sputnik News Agency…

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman Evgeni Perebiynis told reporters on Tuesday that Ukraine will not be sending any representatives to Moscow in May to celebrate victory, noting that “under conditions of Russian aggression against Ukraine, there can be no participation of Ukrainian representatives in events in Moscow.”

The Ministry spokesman noted that “in view of Russian aggression against Ukraine,” the participation of representatives of other countries “will be considered by Ukraine as a demonstration of solidarity with the aggressor.” Ultimately, Perebiynis notes, this solidarity with the aggressor may affect our bilateral relations with the relevant countries.”

Absurdly, Perebiynis noted that Russia is a “country that, despite its anti-Nazi rhetoric, encourages the Nazi movement at home and is a center of pilgrimage for Neo-Nazis from all over the world. We believe that the celebration of Victory Day in such a country can hardly be called anything other than blasphemy.”

Over the weekend, Kremlin Chief of Staff Sergei Ivanov noted that the leaders of at least 25 states from across the world will attend Moscow’s celebrations May 9th. The leaders of China, Vietnam, the Czech Republic, Cuba and North Korea have confirmed their attendance. Meanwhile, the leaders of Germany, Britain, Poland, the Baltic States and the United States have confirmed that they won’t be attending.
The Russian Foreign Ministry has sent out personal invitations to veterans of the Second World War from across Ukraine to celebrate Victory Day on Moscow’s Red Square, Russian News Service (RSN) reports.

Last month, the Russian Foreign Ministry revealed that it had sent personal invitations for Ukrainian veterans to attend the parade as guests. As per tradition, Ukraine is set to have its own Victory Day celebrations May 9, and has created a new Remembrance and Reconciliation holiday for May 8.

Its a good think Ukraine will not attend the Victory Day celebration. Its also a good thing that American and EU leaders will not attend. The Victory Day celebration is no place for the nazi’s running Ukraine, nor is it a place for their western patrons.


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Cees Boogaart

haha the first pic already proved FAKE November 2014…

and the only nazis seem to be in Muscovy

here the checklist if your country is nazi 14 signs its fascist

and from the late Boris Nemtsov

Will Russo-Greek relations bear fruit, or is it all theatre to scare EU oligarchs into finding a solution to Greece’s debt problem

Call it even? Germany owes Greece exactly €278.7 billion euros for WW2 reparations