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A taste of freedom. Police and protestors hug. Thousands of Greeks in Syntgama square showing support for new government and against EU ‘malakes’

“ECB Chief Draghi chose to play Merkel’s game again and to blackmail the Greek people and the new Greek government.” 

Police and protesters are hugging each other…this is what being a free nation feels like.

Greeks are rallying at this very moment, not to change governments or voice their disapproval, but quite the opposite.

Thousands, and thousand more Greeks are descending onto Syntagma square to show support for the new government which has finally -FINALLY- shown some balls to stand up to the financial terrorists in Brussels.

The Greek people appear to have awoken from an eight year slumber, where they witnessed the criminals up north suck the life blood out of this once proud nation.

Will other countries finally show signs of life, sovereignty, and dignity?

What do you think?

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