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The daily dose: March 21

  • President Obama needs women this fall, and he made the case that they need him, too (WP)
  • The Red Pill Can’t Bring Back What We’ve Lost (ROK)
  • Porn Star Belle Knox: ‘Every Single Day Like A Nightmare’ (Huff Post)
  • How to Properly Pour Beer (A of M)
  • The Differences Between Alpha Adam And Thirsty Theodore (ROK)
  • Here’s The Remarkably Ironic First Tweet From Vladimir Putin (BI)
  • Kim Dotcom loses key evidence battle at NZ Supreme Court (RT)
  • Mt.Gox Finds 200,000 Bitcoin In An “Old-Format” Digital Wallet (TC)
  • Twitter Goes Dark In Turkey Hours After The Country’s PM Threatened To “Wipe Out” The Service (TC)

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