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These two infographs show the devastating effects Western/EU policies have had on Ukraine’s economy

Via Fort Russ:

…see for yourself how “good” Western reforms were for Ukraine… Bulgaria, Moldova, Georgia, Serbia, Libya, Syria, Iraq – how many countries does it take to realize the talk about “prosperity” is just empty promises?


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Via Korrespondent (as translated by Fort Russ)…

As we all know, the so-called “evolution of dignity” put the Ukrainian economy in unprecedented state of depression and decay. On top of the destruction of a once-promising country, the stunning insistence with which Ukraine is committing suicide is simply surprising; if the current Ukraine goes down in history at all, it will most likely be as one of the most striking examples of mass delusion.

By now, the mid-level organizers and foot soldiers of the coup are voicing surprise at the outcome. They’re saying: “Look, we took a course for radical westernization and we even accepted the role of Washington’s tool in attacking Moscow!”. And, in fact, Ukraine has been leaning that way for a quarter century, just not so rabidly. But despite such huge sacrifices, the standards of living and economic indicators go down to African levels – promises of democratic paradise proven false yet again (which could be easily predicted by anyone with an understanding of history and economics).


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