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This is why US propaganda works so well. YouGov poll shows 41% of Americans believe humans lived with dinosaurs like in Jurassic World

If 41% of Americans actually believe that human beings and dinosaurs lived side by side, then selling Iraq WMDs, Syria gas attacks, and Russian aggression is a piece of cake.


Via YouGov…

The recent release of Jurassic World broke records for the best opening weekend ever, taking in $208.8 million in North America. The film, which is a reboot of 1993’s original Jurassic Park, focuses on a theme park which displays dinosaurs that have been cloned by taking the DNA from fossils.

YouGov’s latest research shows that 41% of Americans think that dinosaurs and humans either ‘definitely’ (14%) or ‘probably’ (27%) once lived on the planet at the same time. 43% think that this is either ‘definitely’ (25%) or ‘probably’ (18%) not true while 16% aren’t sure. In reality the earliest ancestors of humans have only been on the planet for 6 million years, while the last dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago.

There is a religious split on this question. While most Americans who describe themselves as ‘born again’ (56%) believe that humans and dinosaurs once shared the planet, most Americans who do not describe themselves as born again (51%) think that they did not. Only 22% of born again Americans think that dinosaurs and humans did not coexist.

When asked about the science that provides the fictional basis for the Jurassic Park movies, most Americans (54%) say that it is not currently possible to create dinosaur clones from DNA found in fossils while 28% believe that it is currently possible. Half the public also say that if there were a theme park like Jurassic Park, they would not go to visit while 40% say that they would.



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