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Two more days before Greek elections, and anti-austerity party SYRIZA is leading in six major polls

Two more days before Greek elections and a possible game of chicken with EU.

Latest poll numbers from a wide variety of sources from Keep Talking Greece:

Poll GPO for MEGA TV

SYRIZA 32.5%

ND 26%

Metron Analysis for Parapolitika daily

SYRIZA 29.6%

ND 25.2%

Public Issue for Avgi daily (SYRIZA’s newspaper)


ND 30%

MARC for Alpha TV

SYRIZA 32.2%

ND 26.4%

RASS for Ependysi daily

SYRIZA 31.3%

ND 26.5%


SYRIZA 30.2%

ND 20.3%

To Potami seems to secure the third position, closely followed by Golden Dawn.

It is not clear whether voters admit in polls that they would vote for neo–nazi Golden Dawn with the party head and many MPs in custody awaiting trial for charges of having formed a “criminal organization.”


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