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Turkey’s response to fighting ISIS…bring in NATO to bomb the Syrian army and legitimate government

Turkey’s Syria policy is not of this planet.

The fact that Davutoglu is even mentioning bringing in NATO to protect Turkey against Syrian “attacks” is beyond ridiculous…but also shows that the US, NATO, Turkey and the KSA have no interest whatsoever in fighting ISIS (who all of the above support), but of removing Assad in order to get a coveted oil and gas pipeline connected into Europe.

Via Sputnik News…

According to the prime minister, Turkey will contribute to NATO’s actions in respect to ISIL.

“Of course, if there is such a need, we will request assistance [from NATO] in countering any threats, such as rocket attacks from Syria and the terrorist threat emanating from the territory of the country,” Davutoglu said Monday.

Syria has been in a state of civil war since 2011. Government forces have been clashing with armed rebel groups, including ISIL, which has occupied a large part of the country.

Turkey, along with many Western countries, has taken a hard line on Assad’s regime, saying that the Syrian president must be deposed in order to end almost half a decade of civil war.


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