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Two videos surface of Weinstein close friend, Ben Affleck, groping actresses (Video)

Affleck is being accused of groping former TRL host Hilarie Burton’s breasts.

Hollywood is in panic mode.

The Weinstein sex scandal is shaping up to be the domino that brings down a corrupt hollywood in collusion with the liberal left mainstream media and Democrat party, to push a ‘moral superiority dogma’, that is nothing more than a cover up for sexual deviance, pedophilia, and monetary pay offs.

Matt Damon, Russell CroweJimmy Kimmel, and Ben Affleck are all ready caught up in the Harvey crossfire.

Via The Gateway Pundit

A ‘wild and crazy,’ interview from 2004 has resurfaced featuring actor Ben Affleck and Canadian TV presenter Anne-Marie Losique. Affleck was promoting his epically disastrous film Jersey Girl.

The Canadian TV presenter Anne-Marie Losique can be seen siting on the actor’s lap, as he wraps his arms around her.

“They would like the show better if you did it topless, wouldn’t they?” Affleck asks Losique.

“That’s a lovely perfume you have on. You usually show a lot more cleavage than this, what’s the story?”

“It’s Sunday morning,” Losique says.

“That never stopped you before, from getting them t**ties out. Who you trying to fool, Sunday morning? You should be in church with that rack on display.”

Affleck then compliments Losique on her “firm breasts.”

The actor wants more, inquiring if she has a boyfriend back in Montreal.

Affleck is now being accused of groping former TRL host Hilarie Burton’s breasts.

Daily Beast reports…

When a fan tweeted that Affleck might as well have “kept quiet,” another Twitter user wrote: “He also grabbed Hilarie Burton’s breasts on TRL once. Everyone forgot though.”

Burton, who starred in the show One Tree Hill, quickly jumped into the thread, confirming that she recalled the incident.

Affleck tweeted a 10 word “apology” to Burton…

Here is the video clip of Affleck groping Burton, via Vulture…

After Ben Affleck denounced Harvey Weinstein on Tuesday, actress and former TRL host Hilarie Burton recalled the time Affleck groped her during an appearance on the show. Burton shared a video from TRL: Uncensored where she laughs off her discomfort about the incident, in which “he comes over and tweaks my left boob.” That Uncensored clip doesn’t show the grope, but another one does: In that video, a producer describes seeing something like “a little squeeze.” As Burton says in the clip, “some girls like a good tweakage here and there. I’d rather have a high five.”

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