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Ukraine government is kookoo crazy. Verkhovna Rada calls for sanctions against Mongolia for Khan genocide in 13th century

Oh Ukraine government…you remind me of George W. Bush. So destructive, incompetent and evil, but oh so silly, dumb, and sometimes tragically entertaining.

Found this piece of news on The Saker SITREP, under the heading, Ukraine’s leadership continues to entertain the world community.

Does Ukraine’s Parliament want to place sanctions on this guy for genocide committed in the 13th century?

No wait, I think Ukraine’s kookoo for cocoa puffs leaders mean this guy…

Verkhovna Rada adopted a resolution “On  genocide of Ukrainian people in 13th century, by  Mongol Empire criminal regime” and sent a formal request to the authorities of Mongolia to pay compensation for the destruction of Kiev by Batu Khan troops.

In case Mongolia denies these requirements, Verkhovna Rada urges international community to impose sanctions against Mongolia as an aggressor state, says in conclusion of the document.

Mongolians took the note calmly: “The world had never heard of any Ukrainian nation, especially in the era of Genhis Khan heirs. Millions of Ukrainians killed in 13th century is the fruit of unhealthy imagination among Ukrainian deputies.

The head of Mongolian Khural, couldn’t suppress his sarcasm when saying that Mongolia is ready to repair the damage, but only to the victims and their families. “We are looking  forward to the announcement of the full list of victims!”

I guess we should be waiting for comments on the proposed sanctions on Mongolia from Jen Psaki, and for EU leaders to follow up with their own sanctions list for Mongolia, which will undoubtedly include banning all blood relatives of Genghis Khan from entering EU territory.



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