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Ukraine is in meltdown mode, and the IMF vultures are poised to take over every asset the country has

Ukraine is in meltdown mode, and while this article on Zerohedge explains the economic firesale awaiting Ukraine, four of the most upvoted comments on this specific post summarise the terrible criminal activity that is taking place before the world’s eyes.

First the post on Zerohedge, “Ukraine Bonds Crash To Record Low After Economy Minister Asks For More IMF Bailouts”

Ukraine bond prices have crashed to new record lows this morning – with even 2015 maturing debt trading at a 25% discount to face – following calls (admissions) by Ukraine’s new (Lithuanian) economy minister that the government will need more IMF help on top oif its current $17 billion package. The country may need another $19 billion next year!!!

As Reuters reports,

Ukraine’s new economy minister, Aivaras Abromavicius, said on Wednesday the government wanted the International Monetary Fund to expand its $17 billion bailout package due to Ukraine’s worsened economic outlook.

“We want to expand the programme given the difficult situation. Calculations are being made,” Abromavicius said at a briefing, adding that it was too early to say how much extra cash would be needed.

The IMF, which is visiting Kiev this week for talks on the bailout programme with the government, warned in September that if Ukraine’s conflict with pro-Russian separatists runs into next year, the country may need as much as $19 billion in extra aid.

*  *  *

So how long before the IMF has encumbered the assets of the entire (non-Russia) state?

Four brutal, but honest comments that paint a sad picture at what is taking place. 

And THAT is how you buy a country and its sovereignty.

Good. I hope Ukraine is a lesson to the Balkans and Turkey about what happens to people when they try to become “European.”

Sorry Ukraine. You are the new Greece.

No, no, this is a lot worse than Greece… $17bn + another $15bn “help” coming in… too bad the Ukrainian people will not see a dime of that money… let’s get real: Ukraine is a basket case, – broke, at war, gold looted, but that’s not all yet – the IMF “help” essentially means one thing – ANY remaining REAL assets will be taken away from Ukraine and transferred to those in charge, that means ALL state companies, the best land plots etc. are up for grabs to pay for the “debt” that was not created by the Ukrainian people who in return will be getting social cuts in the form of massively reduced pensions, teachers’ salaries and social payments… the song remains the same…


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