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Ukraine PM, Yats, compares modern day Germany to WW2 Third Reich on live German TV [Video]

Everyday Ukraine looks more and more like a looney bin.

After Ukraine nationalists celebrated the New Year with a nazi séance in downtown Kiev, Ukraine Prime Minister, Arseny Yatsenyuk traveled to Berlin to share his warped view of WW2 history.

In what can only be described as an EPIC interview, and rare glimpse into the mind of a sociopath, Victoria Nuland’s golden boy, made a golden fool of himself in front of all Germany.

Not a peep from any main stream media outlets on this incredible display of stupidity from a ‘world leader’…and I use that term very loosely.


“Russian aggression in Ukraine is an attack on the world order and order in Europe. We all clearly remember the Soviet invasion of Germany and Ukraine. We must avoid this. No one has the right to rewrite the results of WWII. But this is exactly what Russian President Putin is trying to do,” the Ukrainian prime minister said.

Yatsenyuk not only denies that millions of Ukrainians fought in the war against Nazism and Fascism in the Soviet army, but actually calls the assault of the Red Army which liberated Europe from Nazism an aggression. Moreover, Yatsenyuk puts Ukraine in one pot with the Nazi Germany, thus rewriting the history of WWII.


So to summarise, Yats wanted Hitler to successfully defeat Russia, and effectively win WW2?

Yats is upset that the Russian Army (25 million casualties suffered), was able to push back Hitler’s forces and, along with its US, French and GB allies, finally defeat the nazi army.

Yeah Europe and America, give this guy some money…good call.  


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