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Ukraine PM Yatsenyuk’s ‘I wish Hitler won the war’ interview on German TV was an embarrassment to Germany and the world


How embarrassing for Angela Merkel. How embarrassing for Germany. Are neo-cons capable of feeling embarrassment, sympathy and guilt? Probably not.

How embarrassing for Germany to roll out the red carpet for a man who calls his own citizens to the East “subhumans.”

How embarrassing, for the once respected Angela Merkel, to walk side by side with a man who is openly pushing to ethnically cleanse Russian speaking Ukrainians.

When history condemns Yatsenyuk as the evil monster he is, will Merkel ever be able explain her pandering to Vicky Nuland’s evil puppet.

Germany, a country that has worked exceptionally hard to shed its WW2 past, officially hosted the very man put in place to initiate WW3.

How embarrassing for Germany to give this man a soapbox on national television, and have him declare the things he did.

What did the US government do when they got word of golden boy Yats’ comments?

Did they flash up the bat signal to notify all main stream media publishers in America and Germany to bury the story…least US and German citizens be introduced to the real ideology of the current Ukraine government.

If American citizens got wind of what the Ukraine Prime Minister said, would they be shocked and disgusted?

Did Yats just spit on every serviceman (Russian, British, French, American) who fought and died in WW2 to defeat Hitler’s army?

What does this say about the governments, and world leaders, supporting such a man? What does this say about Angela Merkel?

What kind of a man wishes Hitler had won the war? What kind of man says as much on TV?

How embarrassing for all of mankind, that the US government has afforded this vile human being the air of untouchability, so as to arrogantly go on television and openly state that history’s greatest tragedy was when the Soviet army beat back Hitler’s advance.

How embarrassing for Europe, and for European citizens, to know that they are funding this man’s warped sense of reality.

How embarrassing for American citizens to know that their tax dollars are being feed to Yats and his neo-nazi clan.

Does the jewish community realise that in 2015 the “moral” west is supporting (with money and weapons) a Prime Minister who openly believes the greatest tragedy of the 20th century was Nazi Germany’s defeat?

Many people believe Yatsenyuk slipped up during his German television debacle. I believe he wanted to say what he did. He deeply believes the words he spoke, and he is working hard to try to make those beliefs a reality…Yats wants to exterminate Russian “subhumans”.

What other enthnicities does Yats secretly dream of wiping off the planet after the Russians?

Muslims? Jews? Poles? Indians? Chinese?

I am reminded of a scene from the film “A Few Good Men”, where Lt. Kaffee’s (Tom Cruise) calls Col. Jessep (Jack Nicholson) to the stand, not to cleverly trick him into admitting his guilt, but because he instinctively knew that Jessep (filled with ego and arrogance) wanted to declare his guilt.

Col. Jessep was itching to let everyone in that court room to know that he ordered the Code Red.

Yats did not slip up, he did not have a momentary lapse of reason. He wanted to say these words, he was dying to reveal his true idealogical beliefs. His ego and arrogance has reached God like levels.

Yats felt secure enough in the power afforded to him by America and Europe, to let all of Germany know that his dream was for Hitler to have wiped out Russia.

His dream remains to ethnically cleanse the world of Russian people. Unfortunately, Yats will be used by the neo-con powers to attempt just that.

How embarrassing that western main stream media chooses to hide such stories.

What do you think?

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