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Ukraine’s “peace” President Poroshenko will pay men drafted to fight an extra $60 a day to go kill East Ukraine citizens

Condemnations from America against Poroshenko’s military draft, and now pay raise…nothing.
EU puppets speaking out about Ukraine’s continued escalation of the war…no chance.

Why not use the money recently granted to Kiev from the EU and US to pay drafted citizens an extra $60 a day to go cleanse the East Ukraine of Russian speaking people. No matter what, no western leader will dare speak out against the criminal activities taking place in Donbass.

Next time European leaders gather around a table in Brussels to chew the fat and brag about how good and angelic they are, let there be no doubt that it’s the money from Brussels, and the money from each and every European citizen, myself included, that goes towards fuelling this war.

Today I just paid a portion of this $60 salary bump, per draftee, that will go towards a war that makes absolutely zero sense.

The European Union is infested with war criminals, who use European taxes to fund a war that benefits neo-cons in Washington.

Vicky Nuland was right about one thing…F**K the EU!

Sputnik News Reports:

Poroshenko wrote on his Instagram page that the salary increase will apply to every Kiev soldier who takes a direct part in hostilities starting from February 1, 2015.

On Wednesday, Ukrainian presidential advisor Yuriy Biryukov announced that there was mass evasion of a new draft, which started on January 20 amid Kiev’s ongoing military action in the southeastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Fierce fighting between militias and government troops in the region has killed dozens and wounded over a hundred in the past week. At least 30 civilians were killed Saturday in a series of artillery attacks on the port city of Mariupol, with both sides trading blame for the violence.

At least 27 people died last week in attacks on the city of Donetsk, which has been under Ukrainian army rocket fire over the past few months.

The United Nations estimates that over 5,000 have been killed in the fighting, while some 1.4 million residents of southeastern Ukraine desperately need humanitarian assistance. According to the World Health Organization, hostilities have destroyed or led to the closure of half of the health care facilities in eastern Ukraine and over 70 percent of health workers have fled the region.


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