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Ukraine’s Right Sector hooligans beat a man senseless because he disagreed with their vandalism [Video]

This is the freedom that Victoria Nuland and her US neo-conservative clan in Washington bring to a country.

This man did not agree with the neo-nazi Right Sector’s tearing down of the Lenin statue in Kharkov this weekend. He voiced his disagreement with what is an act of vandalisation and got pummelled to a bloody mess for it.

Yes we know, all the people stuck in 1950 will spew out tough guy “commie” this and “commie” comments, but like it or not, communism and Lenin was a significant part of Ukraine’s recent past, and history should not be torn down and destroyed. It has a purpose…to remind us of our victories as well as our evils.

You should not burn books and dismantle statues, that’s what fascist regimes do…regimes that want to hide history and promote a false narrative to a fearful public.

Ukraine is completely broken.

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