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Ukraine’s “Yats” is ready to place an education tax on schools. This is how you create a zombie generation

How do you make sure you create a nation of fools, with no sense of culture, history, or free thought?

The answer is  simple, you get to the young minds early.

Whitney Houston may have sung about ‘believing children are the future’, but in Ukraine the future is war.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, the ultimate US lackey, has set out a plan to make sure his country’s children avoid getting too smart, creative or cultured while in school.

Yats is pushing to add a V.A.T. tax on secondary schools, bleeding them of needed funds, and locking in Ukraine’s war path for decades to come. This is how you build a nation of zombies, you and your Oligarch buddies can easily throw into the battlefield.

The V.A.T. tax that Yats plans to add to schools (so that revenue earned can then be pumped into his US master’s war nation project) is meeting fierce opposition from his former spokesperson.


Yvanna Kobernik, the former spokesperson for Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, comments on the government’s decision to charge education tax “The new government is giving us hell. Bill No. 1578 aims to destroy everything we have fought for all these years,” Kobernik writes on her Facebook account.

“The Cabinet of Ministers hasn’t come up with anything better than to charge 20 percent value-added tax on education services. This measure would shut down music, sports and secondary schools, and it would prevent talented children from developing their abilities and taking part in extra-curricular education.

It would destroy preschool education and shut down private schools, which make up only one percent of all schools nationwide,” she notes. The decision of the post-Euromaidan government aims to scale down education services and to stop the personal growth of children. “From now on, we will have to pay cash on the nail and hire home tutors. Yatsenyuk, Yaresko (Ukrainian Minister of Finance – Ed.) & Co., are you and your children planning to live in California? The United States and the European Union provide extra benefits to parents paying for their children to go to private school.

With such ideas, you will not last until March 1,” Kobernik notes. Kobernik, a journalist, host of the Fakty (Facts) TV show and editor in chief of the Svoboda Slova (Freedom of Speech) talk show, supported Euromaidan protesters from the very outset and was also Yatsenyuk’s spokesperson in 2010-2011.


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