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Ukrainian presidential adviser says that the neo-nazi, Right Sector army, cannot be controlled anymore

Was Ukraine’s presidential advisor expecting the Right Sector nazi’s they used to overthrow the elected government last winter to magically fall in love with the rule of law, human rights, puppy dogs and ice cream.

Via ITAR TASS News Agency:

“I’ve personally offered a full legalization scheme to the Right Sector. In particular, many options envisaging the compulsory contract service have been offered, but they refused,” he [Ukrainian presidential adviser, Yury Biryukov] said.

The Ukrainian presidential adviser said that “the armed forces mean first of all discipline, order and the subordination and command system.”

“And when a patriotic union wants to be sort of a legal, but at the same time autonomous unit that subordinates to nobody, this is pure fiction,” said Biryukov.

Among their greatest hits…the Right Sector is believed to be behind the Maidan sniper shootings, the May massacre in Odessa, and countless more executions, rape and torture of innocent civilians throughout Ukraine…all approved by Angela Merkel, Joe Biden and Vicky Nuland.


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