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University of Florida liberal protestors harass Fox New reporter (Video)

Liberal left students rudely disrupt a Fox News report.

Far left liberal loonies simply cannot control their violent, unhinged instincts, as they flip-off and disrupt a Fox News reporter on the Florida campus trying to do his job, and report on the controversial nazi Richard Spencer speech, which attracted a measly 20 supporters.

Via The Gateway Pundit

Far Left thugs Harassed, Abused and Interrupted FOX News reporter Phil Keating today at the University of Florida campus in Gainesville on Thursday afternoon.

Nazi Richard Spencer was invited to speak to his 20 supporters on campus today.

This forced school and city officials to spend tens of thousands of dollars on security so the far left goons would not burn down the campus.

During a segment on Thursday afternoon far left thugs harassed and disrupted Phil Keating’s segment from campus.

The one protester jumped into the picture pushed Keating and screamed, “F*ck you, FOX News!”

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