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US Army gone wild? 173rd Infantry Brigade parties in Lviv…binge drinking, hookers and public urination

Found this interesting tidbit on The Saker’s Ukraine SITREP the other day.

American military swine turned Lvov night club into pigsty and irked locals

According to the Ukrainian news sources, on their first day off, the 173rd Infantry Brigade conquered the posh Lvov night club by drinking too much, vomiting and urinating everywhere.

“One of them grabbed me by my hair and tried to force me to have sex with him,” complaint one female customer. Local prostitutes were shocked by the brutality and savage behavior of the U.S. soldiers and refused to have sex with them for any money.

Americans also took taxicabs and refused to pay, in some instances attacking the cab drivers. “British and Americans don’t consider us to be people,” a taxi driver told to a journalist.

The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Ukraine, a US State Department sponsored organization, sent the letter to Poroshenko demanding to send the U.S. soldiers back home. “On April 14, four American soldiers brutally raped two underage girls in Kiev. One was 13, the other was even younger. Is this why they came to our country? These people violate the law and not being punish for this. What these “instructors” can teach our children? They treat us as the second class people. We can predict now how they will treat our sons. Our sons, being under the military oath, will be subjected to brutal treatment from these inhumans (not-people, neludey).”


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