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US orders Poroshenko to fight Novorussia to the very last Ukrainian. Porky signs decree to draft 50,000 healthy men and women into war

When a country resorts to the military draft, then you know they are towards the end of the line…but an order is an order, and America is making it very clear to Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko that he is to fight Novorussia to the very last Ukrainian.

What a senseless war…to be sent to your death so that George Soros, Vicky Nuland, and Hunter Biden can plunder whatever is left of your nation.

Where are the brain-dead coup supporters to defend this latest, desperate action.

This military draft is all the evidence you need to come to the conclusion that the putsch government of Yats and Poroshenko are nothing more than a bunch of fascists.

To the people of Ukraine…your country, land and future belongs to the State, which by extension (western loans) now belongs to the IMF, EU and US.

Congratulations, all the fuss about freedom and democracy at the Maidan turned out real well. You let the cookie sharing, snake in the door, and now you are nothing more than pawns in a game of chess.

Now you will be sacrificed like the serfs you so foolishly opted to become.

Via Ukraine Today:

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has issued a decree mobilising 50,000 servicemen to the frontline in eastern Ukraine.

Those eligible will receive notice papers calling them to service as soon as the Ukrainian parliament approves the measure.

The Ministry of Defense plans to draft healthy men and women, preferably with military experience. Tank operators, artillerymen, reconnaissance scouts and messengers aged 25 to 60 are in high demand.

Volodymyr Talalay, Major General: “We are not planning to draft untrained men for positions that require military efficiency. Military leaders are looking for those who have already been in the army or those who can serve within civilian professions.”

Combat trainings for servicemen will take 10-15 days. Ministry of Defense officials say this timeframe is adequate to acquire combat skills and replace those soldiers who will be rotated out.

10-15 days of training, yeah that will make these men and women into battle ready soldiers.

Can someone say cannon fodder.


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