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US/EU backed Ukraine army continues to shell civilian areas in Donetsk at alarming rates

Let’s hope that the Novorussian army can finally seal the Debaltsevo cauldron so as to strike a decisive blow to the nazi Ukraine army.

Until then the US/EU backed nazi forces in Ukraine continue to shell civilian population in Donetsk. Main stream western media remains silent, while continuing to push the ridiculous narrative of Russian forces invading Ukraine.

RT reports…

Officials of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) said at least three civilians have been killed by Ukrainian artillery fire targeting residential areas overnight.

“Overnight, the Ukrainian troops fired about 30 barrages at DPR cities. The night shelling injured 14 civilians” in two of the city’s neighborhoods, reported Eduard Basurin, deputy defense minister in the DPR.

Four more people have been killed on Sunday, the militia said, while the total number of injured over the past 24 hours is being counted at over 20. They blamed Ukrainian units holding two villages northwest of the city and several infiltration groups for the violence.

“They drive the streets in common freight mini-vans or garbage trucks and fire mortars they have inside at civilian and military targets, mostly to spread panic,” a militia official told RIA Novosti.

Ukrainian shells landed on two residential buildings, near a school, at the roof of a morgue near one of the city’s hospital and at garages, reports said.


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