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Watch this pissed-off father charge at dirtbag pedophile Larry Nassar in court

Larry Nassar is the former US Olympics doctor, infamous for sexually assaulting hundreds of young girls

A video emerged of rapist and pedophile Larry Nassar, renowned slimeball, and former US Olympics team doctor nearly getting brutally beaten by one of his victim’s fathers. Dirtbag Larry was unharmed *cricket, cricket*. Take that for what you will.

Luckily, the victim’s father will not be charged. The only real tragedy here would be if an innocent man had to go to jail over a waste of human flesh like child rapist Larry Nassar. Those words may seem harsh, but bare in mind this pond-scum sexually assaulted hundreds of children.

While you’re at it, watch as the Judge gloriously smites the child molesting dirtbag, casting aside his plea casually and unceremoniously, declaring it wasn’t worth the paper it was written on.

The best part is when the judge tells him the exact number of thousands of months he will rot in jail, and then sentences him to over 175 years saying she “signed his death warrant”. We knew a judge was allowed to slay someone every so savagely on the bench.

For those truly interested in the story, it’s important to hear the victims testimony too. After everything they’ve been through, hearing their heartbreaking stories is the least we can do. There are countless videos out there, but is one clip where tells him “you are nothing.” The only sad thing about it is that we didn’t get to see his face.

One of the most sickening revelations in this whole case comes at the end of this video:

One of the young survivors explains that her mother is STILL receiving bills from MSU for the appointments in which her daughter was sexually assaulted! That is absolutely outrageous, even if it is a billing error! They should be paying for the treatment of victims!

While we can all rest easy knowing that scumbag Larry will never breath free air again, this is not the end of the fight. He may be part of the problem, but he is not the only problem.

The core problem is not only that there are monsters out there, but that there are powerful organizations that enable them to be monsters. Now that dirtbag Larry is finished, the only solution is for a full investigation into the organizations that were seemingly aware of the abuse, and allowed it to happen, while some disgustingly continue to bill the survivors and their families.

Oh, and Larry, you are a child molester who’s ugly mug is plastered across TV’s the world over…and you’re going to jail. Don’t go anywhere near any soap bars, you won’t need them anyways, there isn’t a substance on the earth that can keep you clean.

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