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Make $10,000 working from home. Writer Anne Applebaum shows us that Russian bashing can earn you big money

Ka-Ching! It pays to bad mouth Putin.

Anne Applebaum, who writes and lectures as an expert on Russia and Ukraine, made a whopping $565,000 in income in 2013…up from just a measly $20K in 2011. What exactly did she do to earn such a ridiculous pay rise? Simple, she just started bashing everything Russian.

But if you think that a few ‘Putin is Hitler’ posts will get you a life of luxury, think again.

Applebaum did not earn the money from her US publishers, and her husband/ex-Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski’s, claims that the money his wife earned was unrelated to his activities in Poland’s government.

The income was earned instead, he says, from “honoraria for books, articles and lectures”. Those must be some lectures she gives. According to Applebaum’s spokesman, she claims the right of privacy not to explain where the money came from, or why.

Oddly enough we did spot this comment on a popular news site, which may help us unlock the secrets to Applebams’s money making formula:

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 6.17.14 PM

All jokes aside, don’t let this lady lead us off a cliff. You can get all the details about Applebaum’s money windfall at the links below:

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